Wednesday, October 31


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So I don't know what's more awkward about this post. Let's start off with the obvious fact that the image shown is a crappy iPhone in the mirror photo. Or that there are boxes in the way. And not to state the obvious but I'm ressurecting my blog with an embrassingly fun archive. Hello I'm Tiffany Marie.I don't have a Nikon hanging around my neck I have my iPhone and a Digital Camera. I'm quite satisfied with the quality as long as it relays the story within the photo clear enough.  I don't know if I can call this an all-around fashion blog or more of a satire of my life as a wannabe fashion blogger living in New York City.. I'm a writer longing to move to Paris, explore Milan, and dance around in Barcelona. Now that's awkwardly cliche don't you think?

Thursday, January 27

Leighton X S & M

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The Roommate Premiere X Michael Kors

Monday, January 17

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it's spring campaign time

Friday, December 17

Au Revoir

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I woke up to the news line stating "Carine Roitfeld will resign as the editor of French Vogue" via refinery29. I guess it really is the end of an era. Even Kanye tweeted in response of the news stating "Carine is awesome" Well basically that seems to be a worldwide consensus

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Carine's first French Vogue cover under her editorial February 2001


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Lately I've been so into a lot of simple outfits with statement shoes. Those boots are so ground-breaking (um no pun truly intended). Well I'm at home recovering from my wisdom teeth surgery from yesterday and enjoying the snow. Also I'd love if my acceptance letters would start rolling in...

Oh and enjoy this song has been stuck in my head all week

Thursday, December 9