Sunday, March 29

Daily Wear

Well today this is what I wore

sweater:thrift store
flannel shirt:thrift store
oxford shoes:thrift store
skinny jeans:wet seal
When I went into Mens Wearhouse to look for a new oxford and bowtie This girl came up to me and was like I love how you put that outfit together. And I love your shoes. I didn't think of my ensemble as that exquisite but I guess she thinks I stand out from the norm around here and she likes. I guess thats all that matters is that I influnce those aound me.

A Day at yaaaawwwnn Bowie Town Center

So my mommy wanted to find the right maxi dress for our cruise this may so we went to one of the most driest places ever bowie town center.
Some good did come out of today she found a pink yellow and peach colored blocked dress at I do love the dress (pics will be here soon)

McDonalds mccafe set up a sample station to try their new iced mochas even though my cup was mostly ice and whipped cream (cheapos) but they did pass out free drink coupons to use at any mcdonalds

My little brother got some new low top navy blue chuck taylors (sorry no picture)

I saw these cute birkenstock-esque sandals in Famous Footwear

And thats about it I was hoping to start the street style aspect of the blog today but everyone was really blah. But on the brightside the weather is finally breaking here in the DC metro area finally.It was super nice outside.

Saturday, March 28

Daily wear

It was such a rainy and nasty day outside but i hate being indoors so much so before i left i took some pics of a nonchalant not to much to think about ensemble

sweater-thrift store
tank-used to belong to my grandma
skinny jeans-wetseal

Welcome To the soon to be infamous PLUM PENNY

I truly believe talk is cheap so instead of giving you a long drawn out synopsis of what is in store for the future just know on my agenda to take over the world you need: beautiful PHOTOGRAPHY, personal STYLE, eclectic FASHION choices, a vivid VOCABULARY, and did I mention INNOVATION. So work with me not against me as I start my journey in WORLD DOMINATION.

------------ TIFF