Saturday, May 15

Spring 2010 >8(

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vintage Georgetown Hoyas Snapback hat Ebay

Spring is usually the best but this year not so much. Ugh my seniors are leaving me behind in highschool,a few personal issues,exams finals projects,junioritis and working at pizza hut ugh. Whatever I'm getting back on track. I have to search long and hard for a prom dress and I lost my camera soooo. But the good news is after yesterday I'm unoffically a senior!!!! WOOOOOOO one more year of i mean highschool lol. And I got a new paid internship for the summer I'm so anxious!!! As you see I'm really feeling hats just to taake an edge off of my outfits. Soooooo there will be a lot more in my future. Lol I'm chilling my clothes out a little. Well let me go finish this 20 page paper ugh