Monday, August 31

A day & Forever

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Finally I found my USB cord so I can upload again. These are the new staple in my fall/winter wardrobe. I got them on sale last weekend. (YAY!) I need to do on my AP language homework but I slightly have a short attention span. I am anticipating New York Fashion Week. But I am trying to find a collage program to efficiently show you guys my favorite collections. Can someone give me any ideas?

Sunday, August 30

Fresh Face

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I have been feeling less than happy these pass few weeks. I have been sick with a terrible cough. Then my first week of school was so unorganized they didnt give me a 2nd period and the school is overcrowded. Just two more years and I can venture off to college. Ugh I'm so impatient. I think since August was pretty crappy.September is going to be my prime. I have my fingers crossed.

Sunday, August 23

Pinky Promise

Monday will bring new beginnings. It is the first day of my junior year. The day that I believe in my heart is the first day to the rest of my life. August has been a point of many epiphanies and realizations. I didn't take a pic of them yet but tomorrow I will post the newest notch in my shoe collection before I debut them Monday!

Sunday, August 9

ACNE Spring 2010

This collection was well done. Thay played with porportion. Took the usually conservative nuetral to the main a completely different direction.And do I have to mention the suede fringe blazer. I think I see some of the inspiration I have been searching for.

Saturday, August 8

I think Reggie just won the debate

Pixie Geldof Vogue UK September 2009

Monday, August 3


As I was browsing around the blogs today I came across a new shoe designer who I am taken with by the name of Julia Lundstein who is behind this Brand FNSK. I love the booties most of all. The design is based in a surrealism and an eclectic mix of material.So if your as intrigued as me check out her collections on the FINSK website. Click here