Sunday, May 24


I am just learning to walk in basic heels

To grandmother's house we go

Yesterday I visited my Nana.While I was there I raided her shoe collection and found these ivory bad boys.I usually do not wear heels because I am 5'9.But ever since I decided to try out for my school's modeling club Flower's Kouture(yes I meant to spell it with a K) I need to know how to walk in them.I probably will not be incorporating them in my ensemble choices but I will post my practice sessions walking and posing in the spiked shoes.

Friday, May 22

Kanye Publishes a Book of his Famous Quotes

If you want a coffee table book of expressions made by Mr. West the book is $10.00

I sniff a D.I.Y

As I was looking through the archives of Fashiontoast I came across a former outfit of Rumi's(the moderator).The first thing I looked for was the designer(which I knew most likely I could not afford). It is by Stolen Girlfriends Club which comes straight out of New Zealand. Second I thought summertime equals free time equals D.I.Y.The second thing I thought is the woman who birthed me would definitely say negative but I would not show as much skin as Rumi the way I will wear it. So By mid-June look for my version of this new found favorite. Plus more from stolen girlfriends club is soon to come.

Look at what I drew


One of the last great mainstream creative minds

Sunday, May 17

My Fashion Inspiration

Somebody asked me yesterday at the carnival do I look for any particular person as a muse for my style choices. I responded yes my mirror. But I do look to the guidance of three individuals. No they are not singers no they are not designers no they are not actors socialites or high-profile debutantes they are just average girls (with a more high-priced budget than mines) who blog just like I do. So meet the girls whose closets I would love to burglarize. And click on the link to their blogs

Rumi from

Jane from

Karla from

P.S i would love to here from you guys who's style inspires you or who's closet would you love to raid

A Day At The Carnival

Yesterday me and my comrades decided to travel to the Largo Carnival.We had lots of fun rode broken down rides ate calorie filled funnel cakes and got scammed all day long. Now thats what I call good wholesome fun

Wednesday, May 13

Man I am going to skateboard like crazy this summer

A Sartorialist Moment

About once every week everyone who reads The Sartorialist has a photograph that is just sends mind blowing indescribable feelings up each and every one of the veins in there body.A feeling that the next person may feel about the birth of a newborn or the feeling of payday. Well this is my photo of the week. The photo that made my veins feel woozy. Maybe it is the minimalism maybe it is the stereotypical unfashionable sense of dreadlocks.Or maybe the rusty dusty Doc Martens did either way I would love to be a Sartorialist photographer. Maybe I would get they get that feeling each time they click there cameras they do not even realize it

Tuesday, May 12

I keep my sketchbook with me 24/7 so one day I will be able to do this

The 10 Minute Sketch from Danny Roberts on Vimeo.

View his blog which is a daily read of mine

Click Here Igor and Andre

Man Oh Man I WANT to work at NYLON

Another Must Be there Summer Tour

Along with the Vans Warped Tour and the Rock the Bells Tour I MUSTattend the Nylon summer tour.It has always been a dream of mine to rock out with my fellow hipsters,skaters,fashionistas,fellow Nylon readers,and underground music appreicators. Tickets are only $18 and they will be coming to DC's RockandRollHotel June 24.I will definitely try my hardest to be there.
P.S.Did I mention my favorite comedian Peaches Geldof will be hosting...

Sunday, May 3

Taking A Leave of Absence 5/3-5/10


Today I will be leaving for vacation. I will board my cruise ship and set sails for the beautiful sunny beaches of the Bahamas.I will only be Mising In Action for a week.Come next sunday May 10 I will come and fill the void I will leave.Who knows they may even have an internet cafe on the ship

Air Yeezy Drama?!?

Pure evidence Kanye created something great

Saturday, May 2

Field Trip to The Native American History Museum

Yesterday for Spanish we took atrip to the Smithsonian Native American History Museum.I decided just for you I would focus on the clothing aspect of the museum and culture.They had a beautiful art exhibit but sorry they do not allow photography in that part of the museum.

Kate Moss Has Done it Again


Friday, May 1

Mad Hatter

image courtesy karla'