Friday, April 9

Happy Belated Birthday to Me!!!!! lol

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my 17th birthday was yesterday!!!!!!!!

Sunday, April 4

4 More Sunny Days

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sweatshirt (thrifted) leggings (American Apparel) boots (Doc Martens)

This is going to be like the third birthday I can remember with no rain. Other ones include my 7th birthday and my 16th birthday. What to do????? Ahhh I want to go to a club but the DC area is so limited for teens to party unless your in to gogo music. Which I really cant party to. But yeah I'm going to find something believe me!!!!

Friday, April 2


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I'm going to keep this brief. Spring break has been good so far. I finally got to relax some. I visited Marymount on saturday and now I'm pretty much sure I want to go to Howard. Its just whenever I try to tour something goes wrong. I started working on Monday now I'm turned off by the thought of pizza lol. And oh yeah the Wiz Khalifa show was sooooooooo good ahhhhhh he looks that much more gorgeous in person and he definitely killed my favorite song "on the pill". Well I have to get ready for work everybody go out and enjoy this beautiful weather we've been having. OH AND 6 MORE DAYS UNTIL MY BIRTHDAY =)!!!!!!!!! And BTW if you havent noticed I have a slight girl crush on signe she's the one on the far left on the ladder.