Thursday, April 30

Kansai Yamamoto

As I was doing to the daily run througn of my favorite blogs I came across an outfit that took my soul away. You may be like what can be that great to snatch souls. Well one of my favorite bloggers Jane Aldridge of photgraphed herself wearing this Kansai Yamamoto skirt a while back.

What do you think?



Sunday, April 19

The master of dark designs sneaker

Comme de Gacon has paired up with converse to design a new twist on a classic staple.Most blogs are referring to them as basic but I am an advocate for minimalism

Friday, April 17

Lunch Time

Noodles and Company! I ate Japanese Pan Noodles w/shrimp & a chinese chop salad

Time for desert at Coldstone Creamery I got a Blended Vanilla Iced Latte

Sorry I will only settle for owning the world...

New Louis Vuitton Aire Yeezys Ad

When I saw this ad for the new Air Yeezys it was love at first sight.Kanye West and his girlfriend Amber Rose did a super job. Photographer Steve Shaw did a great job. Mediatakeout is tying to call it explicit (you see more when a girl sits down with lowrise jeans) I think it is art there were other photos but I thought he could have done better creatively so I will not post just have to post.
If you want to see the others click HERE
And check out more Steve Shaw click HERE

Featured Blog:Clothe-Flotation

AIl of who you love sub-culture,reading fresh opinions,love underground fashion(all you NYLON guys), are a Kanye fan,or just love underground music. Then you will apreciate Reggie Green's blog. He expresses his point of view towards culture. It gives me hope that fashion consciousness maybe spreading throughout the DC metropolitain area and that everyone is not a gogohead. If you want to be inspired by underground fashion's underdog(and you know the underdog always comes out on top) visit Reggie's virtual self expression:

Hurry Up Time to go to School

No I'm not a Zombie I was trying to move my hand but the self-timer went off I thought it was pretty cool
Yesterday I almost missed the cheese bus to the hellhole we call a school but I thought it was almost worth it the natural lighting was perfect so I had to seize the moment

DIY Manicure

Everybody thought I went to the salon

Maybe I should make some money on he side and....(just thinking)

Monday, April 13

The Lost Photos

I took these photos out of boredom on saturday night There sort of... experimentational But I found my USB so more photos in my future

Still shots from Kanye's video "So Amazing"

The picture are very clear and vivid. As soon as Mr.West posts his latest work of art I will be sure to hit you with that moving picture

Sunday, April 12

Something to watch for (no pun intended)

As I was busy web surfing I came across this badboy by timepiece designer Seiko. Apparently it was designed by some artist in Japan in a competition they hold annually. I love the design. It is very minimalistic,and simple yet so bold. Whoever designed this piece of art has my kudos

Saturday, April 11


Today we went to Red Robin with one of favorite people Tony. Well after we ate we ventured into the mall(Annapolis to be exact). And first I went to Forever 21 to return a white v-neck that was ill-fitting and I found out no cash back even if you are equipped with that little rectangular paper thing your supposed to save what is it called again a RECEIPT. So okay I get store credit. I think the cashier was my doppelganger(evil twin) she was tall and resembled me with hair and skin color and the creepiest part was that her name was...TIFFANY. Well after that fiasco I went into PacSun to add to my skinny denim collection and they did not have my size in a classic rinse it's like 3 Long is either very popular or very uncommon. Well after those two incidents I didn't feel like shopping Until I struck gold at a very shocking store entitled "Spendless" and it lives up to it's title. I found a corduroy messenger bag for 5 bucks. I will post photography on Monday when i get my other USB. until then...

How much are the tickets

Aaaardvark, originally uploaded by coolkidtiff.

As I was reading a cool kid named Reggie's blog I came across the poster for a once in a life time concert. Come on Mickey factz The Roots Common... NAS
I already know who but when where how much info please

Thursday, April 9

Uncle Karl's Teddy Bear

Uncle Karl's Teddy Bear, originally uploaded by

who wouldn't love to just squeeze this teddy bear inspired by the creative director of Chanel. I would love to have my own personal inspiration in my bedroom. But guess what in order to buy one of these cool fluffy cool mantras I would have to rent out my bedroom first. Little Karl is being sold at Saks for what Ashley Olsen(another Lagerfeld Fanatic) would call mere pocket change. Now before I reveal Karl's price tag do not think that I am a horrible editor and left a decimal point. So who is wiling to loan $1500 for a teddybear in a suit. I love you Uncle Karl but unless you are included with teddy I will have to pass

Week Old

OutFit, originally uploaded by coolkidtiff.

This about a week old but I thought this was after I got home from school and went to the playground I just got my camera to work again so I will be updating more often